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"What makes this french press unique is after you press the screen down, all the brewed coffee seeps in and a spring-loaded plunger and screen keeps the coffee grounds out. If I could shake the engineer's hands, I would."
Beau Chevasuss
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"This travel mug does everything it claims to. The design of the fine mesh screen and the one way valve is genius and ensures no sediment in your coffee. It keeps your drink warm plenty long enough to finish it and is easy to take apart and clean. 5 stars all the way."
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 "Great cup of joe! I bought it to throw in to my suitcase to travel with and now I can always have a strong cup of coffee, just to my liking, wherever I am."
Nancee B
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"Perfect for a great cup of coffee when I travel!"
Penny Clark
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"Great quality product. It is easy to use and clean. I can't wait to begin using the press on my camping trips!"
Harry Mellott
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"I'm extremely pleased with the product. I use it a couple times a day at work and it has functioned flawlessly...I couldn't be happier with the product or the company."
Anne Leclerc
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 "Simply amazing. If you are a coffee lover then this gadget is a must have for you."
Saud Al-Rasheed
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"This small unit brews a better espresso than my stationary espresso machine. Amazing!"
Alexander B.
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"Pressopump is a wonderful product. You don't need to increase grip strength like any other portable espresso maker. Just push the button comfortably and wait until you get delicious espresso."
Chu Jiwon
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