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PRESSOPUMP: Cordless Automatic Espresso Maker

PRESSOPUMP: Cordless Automatic Espresso Maker



We’ve always wanted a low-hassle, handheld espresso machine that works: that's why we built PRESSOPUMP.

Just add coffee, press the button, and PRESSOPUMP handles the rest.

- Meets commercial grade pressure requirements at 16 bar. This ensures a pressurized extraction that yields a crema.

- Built with food grade ABS.

- 90ml or 3.0oz water reservoir capacity.

- Yields 40-45 ml of espresso - depending on the grind.

- Employs a leak-proof design and boasts a durable gasket, ensuring long-lasting use.

- Detachable parts are easy to clean and maintain.

- Rechargeable lithium ion battery (charging time: 3hrs). Power consumption: 5V 2A

- Size: 3.0" x 3.0" x 8.5" (L x W x H).

- PRESSOPUMP is compatible with ground coffee or Nespresso® capsules (adapter sold separately). You choose what works for you!

    Small Machine. Powerful Performance.

    With PRESSOPUMP's cordless and compact design, you can brew boldly, anywhere.

    As long as you have access to hot water and ground coffee, authentic espresso is just a press away.

    Here's How It Works


    Add preferred espresso into filter basket and pour hot water into the water tank. Reassemble pieces and prepare for launch.


    Press the + button. Brewing initiates and 20 seconds later, espresso finds its way into your cup. 


    Your freshly brewed espresso will have a thick crema and mouthfeel, exhibiting in-depth flavors of the coffee. 

    Chu Jiwon

    "Pressopump is a wonderful product...Just push the button comfortably and wait until you get delicious espresso."

    Anne Leclerc

    "I'm extremely pleased with the product. I use it a couple times a day at work and it has functioned flawlessly...I couldn't be happier with the product or the company."

    Alexander B.

     "This small unit brews a better espresso than my stationary espresso machine. Amazing!"
    Alexander B.

    PRESSOPUMP Brewing Instructions


    to view instruction manual

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