KOHIPRESS: French Press Travel Mug

Introducing the KOHIPRESS:

The KOHIPRESS was borne due to a demand in the coffee market for a portable full steep immersion pressurized press. Total immersion of the coffee grounds into water results in a rapid yet robust extraction of flavour. 

Until the KOHIPRESS came onto the market there was no durable, portable French Press coffee maker that would completely isolate the coffee grounds from the brewed coffee (all others were made from plastic).

The KOHIPRESS has a Premium Stainless Steel chamber which is capable of keeping water hot or cold due to the double wall vacuum construction. The Stainless Steel body provides the durability which makes it ideal for travel.

The air pressure plunge method reduces filtering time and avoids the bitterness of a longer brewing process such a drip brewing. Because of the short brewing time, the acid level is much lower than conventional brewers.


(1) Remove the plunger and fill the chamber with desired coffee ground

(2) Pour water into the chamber. Maximum volume should be 1 inch below the water line.

(3) After approximately 3 minutes of brewing. Open the plunger lid and insert into the chamber then slowly press down.

(4) Screw the plunger tightly into the chamber and enjoy your perfect brew.


"I've been using this for a few weeks and it's my fav... hands down.

I was very unsure whether the coffee grounds would seep into the rest of the coffee, but after testing and testing this thing, dang I'm blown away with the design. What makes this french press unique is after you press the screen down, all the brewed coffee seeps in and a spring-loaded plunger and screen keeps the coffee grounds out.

If I could shake the engineer's hands, I would."


- 3 min brew time

- Patented Isolation system

- Completely Leak-proof

- Insulated double wall vacuum construction

- Lightweight (12 oz)

- Reusable Filter made from Micron Stainless Steel Mesh