Is KOHIPRESS dishwasher safe?
I received my order without a plunger?
Does KOHIPRESS require a paper filter?
Can I use KOHIPRESS to make tea?
What is the inner chamber made of?
Do you ship worldwide?


I did not receive a plug, only a USB charger cable. Why?
Does it heat water?
Can you use Nespresso® pods with this?
Does it really generate 16 bar of pressure?
How is the PRESSOPUMP different than the Minipresso?
Do you have to use the USB cable to make coffee or is the USB just for charging?
How do I get my 1-year FREE warranty?
Is it a pain to clean?
Is it BPA-free?
Is there a carry case available?
Is the PRESSOPUMP loud?
What lithium battery is used?
What is the water capacity?
Do you ship worldwide?