About KOHI+

With KOHI+, it’s easy to brew good coffee for every moment.

We at KOHI+ love coffee...and if you’re reading this, you probably do too. This is why we launched our first product line of mobile brewers in 2017.

Your life shouldn’t be made more difficult by the things you love. You shouldn’t be worried about how expensive your next cup of cafe brewed coffee will be. You shouldn’t worry about waking up to a bitter, grotesque cup of joe in the morning.

With KOHI+ brewers, you can live simply. You can continue living your routine, commuting to work, trekking the outdoors, exploring the world…

KOHI+ suits your lifestyle. If you love coffee, you should be able to enjoy it anywhere.

Live boldy. Brew simply. Great coffee, wherever you go.

With love from the KOHI+ team



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