PRESSOGRIND: Manual Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

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The PRESSOGRIND is more than just a coffee grinding tool. It’s your travel, kitchen, and office companion.

This manual hand grinder by KOHI+ is your ticket to coffee grinding convenience. Featuring an enhanced premium stainless steel design, the PRESSOGRIND frame is precision engineered to house a premium grade ceramic conical burr -- yielding a consistent grind, every time. It’s low upkeep, precise design, mobile dexterity, and quiet grinding make PRESSOGRIND the top grinder in its class.

It’s small enough to fit in your pocket but still packs a punch when grinding on the go.

   - 100% manual hand-crank design allows you to grind quietly, anytime, anywhere. No electricity needed to achieve the perfect grind.

   - The ceramic burr grinding mechanism is more consistent than a blade grinder, and it stays sharp longer than steel burrs.

   - Can be easily disassembled and cleaned.

   - Grind selector is variable, letting you set your custom grind from ultra-fine to ultra-coarse. Perfect for any brewing method - espresso, immersion brews, pour overs, and more!

   - Its small size lets you take PRESSOGRIND virtually anywhere. Keep it in the kitchen or take it on the trail.

   - The stainless steel design ensures this grinder will last for a LONG time. Never be without your vital coffee brewing tools again.

   - Bean Quantity: 30gm

   - Size: 2" x 2" x 5" (L x W x H)


Consistent. Reliable. Simple.

The PRESSOGRIND is more than just mobile. It’s a tool that ensures your perfect brew, anywhere in the world.

Dial in your grind on the go. The world is your cafe.

Here’s how it works

Dial in

Detach PRESSOGRIND’s bottom chamber to access the adjustable grind screw. Turn it right to tighten (or fine) the grind, or turn it left to coarsen the grind.

Add Coffee

Pour desired coffee into the upper chamber and proceed to reattach the lid and ergonomic handle. Make sure the bottom chamber is attached, and get ready to roll!

Grind Away

Proceed to grind the coffee. When there’s no more resistance, all beans should ground and ready to brew. Detach the bottom chamber and decant coffee grounds into your brewer. Brew immediately to retain freshness.