What’s the Best French Press? KOHIPRESS vs. the Classic French Press


The French Press is an absolute classic coffee brewer - it has had many variations over the years, and because of this, many people online ask: “What is the best French Press?”

There are so many coffee brewers on the market that it’s hard to keep track. It seems like every week that a new coffee gadget hits the scene.

Which is why we will be keeping it simple today with a KOHIPRESS vs. French Press comparison.

In this blog, you’ll find our breakdown of the two brewers.

The new kid on the block vs. the seasoned classic. The rookie vs. the veteran. The underdog vs. the proven method.


Defining the Term “French Press”

Before we move forward, it’s important to note that when we say “French Press” in this article, we are referring to this thing:

The classic French Press that we all know and love.

On the other hand, the KOHIPRESS:

… is technically a French Press, but it is engineered to be portable. On our site, you’ll see the KOHIPRESS referred to as a “portable French Press”. It is indeed a coffee brewer in the French Press genre, but it’s a bit different…

So as you read on, know that when we say “French Press”, we mean the brewer in the first photo.

So let’s dig in, shall we?

The Classic French Press

The first French Press was patented in 1929.

It was the first coffee brewing mechanism of its kind, and it shook the world by storm. The brewer allowed people to more easily control different variables of their brew. It provided a recyclable way to filter coffee grounds from water.

As many of you know, the French Press is a full immersion brewer.

In a previous blog, we talked about immersion brewing and its benefits. The French Press is the most popular immersion brewing method by far.

Basically, the immersion brewing method takes place when coffee grounds are completely submerged in water and left to steep. Once the desired steeping time has been reached, the coffee is filtered out and is ready to drink.

Let’s move into dissecting the French Press a bit.


Breaking Down the Parts of the Classic French Press

Alrighty - so above you’ll see the French press in all of its glory. The lid, plunger, decanter, and decanter frame.


The Lid and Plunger

This is what is inserted into the French Press to separate the coffee grounds from the water. Notice the mesh filter at the bottom of the assembled unit.


The Decanter (beaker, basin, etc.)

This is where you displace your coffee grounds - inserting the filter when brewing is complete.

You’ll also notice a frame around the decanter. This holds the glass.


Brewing with the French Press

To understand the French Press, we must break down the basic steps of the French Press brewing process. Later, we’ll compare this process with the brewing system of the KOHIPRESS.

Step 1: Add Grounds

Yes, this is self-explanatory, but it had to be said. Simply grind up some coffee and throw it into the empty decanter of your French Press. Make sure the filter is put to the side.


Step 2: Add Water

Just pour water right over the grounds. Let it steep and extract the coffee.

Step 3: Filter the Coffee

Add the lid on top of the decanter and plunge. This will separate the coffee from the water.

Step 4: Enjoy

Pour and serve.

This is the broken down process of the French Press brewing method. It involves immersing coffee, steeping, and filtering. And it’s been done this way for almost 100 years.


But is the way it has always been done really the BEST way?


If you don’t know what we do at KOHI+, here’s what you need to know:

We are coffee lovers who wanted to fix the inconsistencies and shortcomings of the classic French Press. It’s why we developed the KOHIPRESS.

Before we discuss the shortcomings of the French Press, let’s take a really quick look at the KOHIPRESS.

As you’re reading this, run a mental comparison of the French Press and KOHIPRESS. Try to imagine how they would brew coffee differently.



We’re kind of obsessed with portability.

And portability is one of the driving forces behind the advent of the KOHIPRESS.

It’s a completely portable full immersion brewer that was designed to brew succulent French Press style coffee… anywhere.

Like a French Press, the KOHIPRESS brews a heavy bodied coffee, embodying the character of the bean being used. An emotive mouthfeel and mellow brew character is what we were after when we started drawing up the designs for this brewer.


The KOHIPRESS is different from the French Press for a few reasons:

  1. It  completely isolates the brewed coffee slurry from the finished brew.
  2. The “decanter” is a double-walled, insulated, stainless steel travel mug that retains heat during brewing.
  3. Since the patented isolation system keeps spent coffee grounds separated from your brew, you can take your KOHIPRESS with you on the go… coffee grounds and all!

If you don’t have a clear picture of it yet, no worries. Let’s take a deeper look.


Breaking Down the Parts of the KOHIPRESS

Here’s the KOHIPRESS. The lid, plunger, and insulated travel mug.

The Plunger

This is what is inserted into the KOHIPRESS to completely isolate the coffee grounds from the brewed coffee. The mesh filter at the bottom is covering a one-way valve. It’s the magic behind KOHIPRESS isolation.


The valve can be detached and cleaned if necessary.

The Insulated Travel Mug

The travel mug is the foundation of the KOHIPRESS brewing system. It keeps your coffee hot (or cold), and holds the plunger.


Brewing with the KOHIPRESS

Now, let’s break down the basic steps of the KOHIPRESS brewing method.

Step 1: Add Grounds

Like the French Press, the KOHIPRESS requires you to add grounds straight into the body of the brewer.


Step 2: Add Water

Pour in your water. Let it steep and extract the coffee. Simple and easy.

Step 3: Isolate the Coffee

This is where KOHIPRESS gets ingenuitive. Insert the plunger into the travel mug and press down. The grounds will be pushed to the bottom of the brewer, and the filtered coffee will remain - completely separated from the ground coffee.

Step 4: Enjoy

Pour and serve…


Take it on the go!


KOHIPRESS vs. French Press Conclusions

At KOHI+, we respect the classic French Press. It’s not an awful brewer by any stretch of the imagination. It’s actually what paved the way for coffee homebrewing.

But times have changed, and now we have the means to improve upon the old.

So… yes, we absolutely believe that KOHIPRESS wins this battle.


Here’s where the French Press falls short:

  • When the coffee grounds are filtered, they are still in contact with the water. This leads to excess extraction; bitter, sharp, acrid flavors consequently make it into the brew. KOHIPRESS completely isolates the grounds.
  • Lack of portability. The coffee must be deposited into a different receptacle. This adds a multitude of steps to your daily routine! You must now get a travel mug, pour the coffee, and then clean the mug later. With KOHIPRESS, the steps are consolidated.
  • The glass decanter is, well… glass. And glass breaks much more often than the KOHIPRESS steel body.


The KOHIPRESS is an adaptation of a legendary brewer that has inspired coffee fanatics everywhere.

It’s a brewer that gives your adventure the front seat, letting you worry less about the minutia and preparation. It’s a coffee companion, not a burden.