How to grind coffee with PRESSOGRIND: The best coffee grinder for KOHI+


How to grind coffee? What is the best coffee grinder? What coffee grinder should I buy? What is the superior way to grind coffee?

If you find yourself asking any of these questions, there's no need to be embarrassed or ashamed. Coffee grinders can be a complicated topic of discussion! The right information on coffee grinders can be hard to find, and believe us... there are A LOT of coffee grinders out there.

Some grinders are good, some are bad, and some are simply unusable.

Many folks getting into the world of coffee are confused by which grinder to start off with, and lately, we've been getting asked which grinder is best to use with the PRESSOPUMP and KOHIPRESS.

To remedy this, we provided a list of grinders on our KOHIPRESS Brewing Mastersheet (as detailed below):

But this STILL sparked many questions amongst our readers.

People weren't sure what the difference was between cheap, all-around, or the best grinders. Was the cheap option worth it? Is “the best” option that much better than the “all-around” option?

So instead of writing a bunch of grinder review blogs, we decided to take matters into our own hands... by launching our newest product.

Say hello to the PRESSOGRIND everybody!

We've been thinking about launching a grinder for a while, and we finally got the push we needed.

At KOHI+, we value quality, mobility, and ergonomic integrity... that's what this grinder design accomplishes.

Why Is a Coffee Grinder so Important?

So before we dig into the PRESSOGRIND, let's talk about why having a good grinder is so important.

1. Grind consistency 


Imagine cooking up a bunch of carrots (yes, carrots and coffee have something in common).

If you cut up the carrots unevenly, you'll find that the bigger chunks cook slower, and the smaller pieces cook faster.

This makes sense right? It takes longer for the heat to travel through the large carrot chunks than for the smaller pieces. At the end of your cooking session, you'll end up with a mixture of burnt and undercooked carrots (not a very appetizing dinner).

Now, if you cut your carrots into similar sized chunks, they will cook more evenly. You won't have to overcook tiny pieces in order to fully cook the bigger chunks. They all cook at the same rate.

It's kind of similar with coffee grounds.

When hot water touches a coffee particle, flavor solubles begin to extract. The water seeps into the tiny granules of coffee, pulling out the delicious flavor.

So if you have an admixture of small coffee grounds (called fines) and larger grounds (called boulders), your coffee will extract unevenly! 

  • The boulders won't extract enough, leaving your coffee tasting watery and sour.
  • And the fines will become over extracted – tasting acrid and bitter.

The end result is a bitter/sour concoction that WILL NOT compliment your morning routine.

This difference in size between the coffee fines and boulders is what we call particle size distribution (psd).

Narrow psd = good 

  • consistent grind
  • optimal brew control

Wide psd = bad       

  • inconsistent grind
  • little brew control

To summarize: a consistent grind means a balanced cup of joe… which is what we want!

Even with the best grinders in the world, the particles of coffee will never be the exact same size. But the grind will be similar enough for you to control your brew. Which brings us to our second point...


2. Brewing Control

This was mentioned a bit in the section above. When your grind quality is top-notch, you are able to take control of the brewing process.

For instance, let's say you're brewing a cup of coffee in the morning. If something doesn't taste right to you, a good grinder allows you to make quick and efficient brewing decisions.

If the coffee tastes sour, you can fine the grind. If the coffee tastes bitter, you can coarsen the grind.

Sounds simple, right?

Well, if you're working with a bad coffee grinder, coarsening or fining the grind won't be all that effective. Sure, it will help a bit. But poor quality grinders tend to yield an abundance of fines and boulders.

Your grind will be inconsistent and you won't fix the problem with your brew. You may even make things worse.

However, a good grinder will let you adjust the grind without worrying about the presence of boulders and fines. You'll be able to adjust, brew, and enjoy! It makes all the difference.


3. Reliability

Lastly, a coffee grinder is important because it's one of the most important coffee tools you will own.

There are several different variables that affect coffee extraction:  

  • temperature
  • time
  • coffee to water ratio
  • turbulence/agitation
  • grind

And according to the SCAA, controlling grind is one of the most effective ways to yield a balanced cup of coffee. More than any other brewing variable, grind has the greatest effect on brew quality.

Your coffee grinder is essentially a trusty swiss army knife. It's your lifeline. A grinder helps you achieve brewing consistency and a balanced flavor extraction… This is why your grinder needs to be reliable.

Whether you're out on the trail, on a road trip, in the office, or hanging out in your kitchen, you expect your coffee gear to stay intact. You expect your water kettle to heat water. You expect your brewer to brew coffee. You expect your grinder to grind coffee.

If your grinder breaks on you, mid camping trip... say goodbye to coffee time.

Every piece of coffee gear you own is valuable, and a grinder is up there on the “don't you dare break this piece of equipment” list.

Here's what you need to expect from your grinder:  

  • quality grinding
  • durability
  • longevity
  • ease of use

These are the traits of a reliable grinder, and this is why we settled on the design of the PRESSOGRIND.


Unveiling the PRESSOGRIND

The PRESSOGRIND is our first product in the coffee grinder genre. We’re pretty psyched about it, and we felt that it was necessary to talk a bit about the magic behind this new grinder.

Like we mentioned at the beginning of the blog, we settled on this design because it met three important standards:

  • Quality
  • Mobility
  • Ergonomic Integrity (ease of use)

Keep this in mind as we dive in and take a look at some of the features of the PRESSOGRIND!


Professional Grade Ceramic Conical Burr

PRESSOGRIND’s ceramic conical burr is not only durable - it’s made to perform with precision.

The ceramic conical burrs are much more efficient than a blade grinder, and they can last more than twice as long as steel burrs.

The way the burrs sit inside the steel frame ensure a narrow particle size distribution.

Premium Stainless Steel Body

Need to stay mobile? Want a coffee tool that doesn’t bend to the whims of time and collision?

The premium stainless steel body of the PRESSOGRIND safely protects its components. It is slim, easy to hold, and it’s sure to last for a VERY long time.

It also comes with a silicone non-slip grip that will hold the ergonomic handle when you need to consolidate your coffee goods.


A Multitude of Grind Settings

Our PRESSOGRIND features an adjustable screw that lets you dial in your grind with ease.

Easily adjust between ultra-fine to ultra-coarse grind sizes by twisting it right or left. Its star-shaped design makes it easy to set and forget on the go.


Easily Cleaned

The PRESSOGRIND is extremely simple to disassemble and clean.

Just by detaching the adjustable grind setting screw, you can quickly take apart the grinder. The quality components can be simply maintained and put back together.

Nifty Carrying Case

The PRESSOGRIND will ship to your home in a nifty carrying case - letting you stow away your grinder whenever you need.

It will nestle comfortably in a backpack or suitcase.

Your KOHI+ Companion

The bottom chamber of the PRESSOGRIND fits perfectly into your KOHIPRESS.

No more coffee grounds going overboard. No more messy coffee grounds. It’s as simple as grinding, steeping, and pressing!

Every piece of KOHI+ gear words together in tandem - providing you with the most conveniently flavorful cup of coffee.

The PRESSOGRIND is YOUR Coffee Grinder

Life is complicated.

Which is why we think amazing coffee shouldn’t be.

Like all KOHI+ products, the PRESSOGRIND is here to simplify.

We want your coffee experience to be adventurous, relaxing, and accommodating. No road, no weather, and no lack of coffee gear should keep you from the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had.

I hope you’re as excited as the KOHI+ team. The launch of the PRESSOGRIND is us taking one more step on the path to surmounting every coffee obstacle in our way.

You ready for your next coffee escapade?