Have You Ever Wondered How to Brew Coffee… the Best Way?

Do you approach your coffee not knowing exactly how much water and grounds to use? Not knowing how long to brew it for? Relying on the unclear instructions on the back of the bag (if there even are any)?


Fortunately for you, there have been many, many studies on the science and taste of coffee.


And while we still don’t fully understand the coffee fruit, the experts think that they got a few things right.


You can find countless articles online, shelves of books, and plenty of references on how to brew coffee correctly -- but it’s A LOT of information. And without a guide, it can be overwhelming…


Until now.


We took the liberty of compiling our knowledge of brewing and created an easy-to-use Brewing Mastersheet!


It’s a reference guide, brewing calculator, and recipe cheat sheet… All in one! And because it’s a downloadable Google Sheets file, you can access the mastersheet on your computer, phone, or tablet. And you can take it anywhere!


Those of you without a KOHIPRESS can absolutely use this tool as well, so don’t worry.


Why we Created the KOHIPRESS Brewing Mastersheet

With the KOHIPRESS, it’s simple for anyone to brew and go.


Even if you don’t care to have the best tasting cup in the world, the KOHIPRESS will suit you just fine. It’s not complicated to use, and it makes a nice cup of joe.


But if you’re ready to take your coffee to the next level… the KOHIPRESS Brewing Mastersheet is the best place to start.


It will take your KOHIPRESS brews from good… to delicious.


The KOHI+ team has been wanting to produce a tool like this for a while now. We thought of doing an eBook, a PDF reference guide, recipe booklets… but nothing felt right. Nothing felt easy and usable.


And so, the KOHIPRESS Brewing Mastersheet was born.


It allows you to document your recipes and experiment with coffee brewing variables. It’s a hands-on tool for anyone wanting tastier, easier coffee.

“Why don’t you just tell me which recipe I need to use?”

We get this question a lot.


The answer is that not all coffees are created equal. Just like how there are different kinds of ingredients when cooking, there are different types of coffees.


You don’t cook every fish or vegetable the same way, do you?


No. Ingredients vary depending on where it’s from, what variety it is, how old it is, etc., etc..


The same thing goes for coffee.


This means that an Ethiopian coffee may need to be brewed differently than a Costa Rican coffee. Maybe your standard coffee recipe won’t work with a Guatemalan coffee, but it tastes great with a Papua New Guinea. Maybe a dark roasted coffee tastes better with a particular recipe than a lightly roasted coffee does.


Coffees vary in density, acidity, roast profile, and organic compounds.


Sounds like a hassle right?


Well, this is why we used the standards and research of the SCAA (and others) to create a multi-variable recipe guide for you.


It was referenced above, but we wrote a blog a while back on immersion brewing. We talked a bit about brewing variables there. Feel free to give it a look.


The KOHIPRESS Brewing Mastersheet takes these variables and lets you adjust them, crafting your own specialty coffee recipe that meets the standards of the pros.

Learning How to Brew Coffee From the Mastersheet

Everything you need to know is explained in the Mastersheet, but here’s a little preview of what to expect.


Main Tab

Here, you’ll find our directions for proper use of the Mastersheet.

Stuff You Need Tab

Just starting out in the world of coffee?


No fear!


Everything you need to get started is covered in this section of the mastersheet. We even posted links to some of our favorite pieces of brewing gear.

How to Use Brewing Variables Tab

This is where you can reference different brewing variables to achieve the perfect cup of coffee.


Keeping track of all of this stuff can be a bother, so we made sure to cover the coffee brewing variables and when to manipulate them.

Brewing Calculator Tab

This is where you enter in some basic info about your coffee.


  • Select how much water you’re using.
  • Choose your coffee to water ratio.
  • And choose what grind size you want.

Once you do this, a recipe will be calculated for you.

Your Recipes Tab

This tab is basically made up of a bunch of brewing calculators.


Here, you’ll be able to add notes and store your favorite recipes.


So… are you ready? Great coffee awaits!


[Grab the KOHIPRESS Brewing Mastersheet HERE]