Taking Your Coffee Gear on the Go


Taking Your Coffee Gear on the Go-1

There’s something special about your coffee gear.

It’s with you in the good times and bad. It accompanies you before work in the morning and on late nights when life seems to get ahead of you. Your coffee gear is a companion.

And you don’t need to look far to realize that many folks are obsessed with their coffee arsenal.

There are countless coffee gear threads online -- people showing off their setups and baristas repping their swag. And you don’t have to go far to find yourself drowning in someone’s craft coffee Instagram feed.

This explosion of specialty coffee in recent years took many people by surprise… but not us.

Anyone who has made a good cup of coffee by hand knows how good it feels. Crafting a quality beverage by hand just feels right.

Making good coffee anywhere, regardless of where you are… THAT is something worth looking into. The KOHI+ team sort of dedicated our livelihood to traveling with our coffee gear, so we wanted to write a little post on our favorite tips for taking your coffee on the go.

Hopefully, it will give you nomads and coffee lovers some inspiration.

Stay Prepared for the Coffee Apocalypse

There will come a day when you’re without coffee, and you’re going to regret not preparing for the worst…

Alright, maybe using the term “coffee apocalypse” is a bit (a lot) of an exaggeration.

Not having fresh coffee at your beck and call is inevitable. It’s not the end of the world, but it is mildly (aka, severely) uncomfortable. You’ve got to prepare.

First, you’ll need your necessaries:

Taking Your Coffee Gear on the Go-2

Once you’ve procured your coffee gear, you can start planning and scheming.

When do you drink your coffee? In the morning? All day?

Will you be traveling with this equipment? Did you pack accordingly so that your coffee gear can come with you on your journey?

Mentally break all of these scenarios down. This way, you can determine the most efficient way to take your coffee gear on the go.

Tips for Those Brewing Coffee Before Work

Taking Your Coffee Gear on the Go-3

A huge number of KOHI+ lovers are what we call commuters.

The typical morning for the commuter goes as follows:

  • Wake up
  • Get dressed
  • Let out the dog or get the kids ready (chaos ensues)
  • Breakfast and coffee
  • Drive like mad to work

It’s hectic.

Even if you’re single, organized, and beset by routine, you STILL have those crazy mornings every once in a while.

Sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet by skipping your morning brew… then crawling through morning traffic to get to work.

But this isn’t necessary.

Brewing Before Work Tip:

As soon as you wake up, turn on your hot water kettle. When you get around to eating breakfast, grind up some coffee, toss it in the KOHIPRESS, and add water.

You’ll have 3:00 or so minutes to finish getting ready while the coffee brews. Now you can grab your phone, find your keys, and put on your shoes. Plunge the KOHIPRESS and take it with you.

Boom. Coffee on the go.

If you’re curious about how to brew coffee while at work, check out one of our other posts here.

Storage Tips for the Adventurous

Taking Your Coffee Gear on the Go-4

Another common KOHI+ user is the backpacker.

This is the person who brews coffee outside, in the hostel kitchen, or at the roadside gas station.

Believe us, gas station coffee is amazing when you make it yourself.

We realized pretty quickly that one of the most pertinent issues behind mobile coffee brewing is storage. Your mobile coffee kit has the potential to be clunky and uncomfortable if you don’t pack well.

And storing your coffee gear properly has some huge benefits. If you do it right, you’ll be able to travel and brew coffee seamlessly. It really will feel like you’re carrying around a personal cafe.

So what do you need to travel with your coffee gear?

Get the Right Bag

It’s absolutely necessary that you optimize your luggage for the type of travel you’ll be doing. 

If you fly a lot, you might want a fly case or durable carry-on case.

If you do a bunch of camping, you may want something like a backpack. Backpacking backpacks are our personal favorite for traveling with coffee gear, but you can use whatever suits you best.

Just know that it’s super helpful to create a partition for your coffee gear.

By “partition”, we mean creating a completely separate space for your gear. If you clump your clothes, knick-knacks, and coffee gear all in the same backpack… you’ll end up spending countless hours packing, repacking, and scrambling through your bag for what you need.

This is why we use separate bags to store our coffee gear in before putting it in our luggage. It will change your world.

Travel Light

Taking Your Coffee Gear on the Go-5

When you’re going on an adventure, you need to toss out anything you may not need.

It’s not the end of the world if you leave the kitchen sink at home.

Pre-weigh your whole beans, store them in some dollar store tins, and leave the measuring scale behind.

It’s also possible for you to leave your kettle and other miscellaneous coffee gear behind. Your destination may have everything you need. Which brings us to our next point.

Use the Resources Around You

Under perfect conditions, you will have all of your coffee gear, all of your gizmos, and all the comforts of home.

But we’re seldom in perfect conditions when traveling.

So if you need to save space and can’t bring your kettle or grinder, that’s okay.

Yes, we don’t recommend pre-grinding coffee. But if you have to pre-grind it for a camping trip, there’s no shame in that.

As long as you have your KOHIPRESS, some coffee, and a bit of hot water, you’ll have some pretty darn good coffee.

Coffee is About Enjoying Yourself

Taking Your Coffee Gear on the Go-6

We take coffee seriously at KOHI+. It’s our job.

But after all is said and done, coffee is about enjoying yourself. Drinking coffee is not like taking a multivitamin or eating your vegetables.

It’s not something we need to survive.

We drink coffee because we like it, plain and simple.

So even though many of our blogs cover the science and methods behind coffee brewing, it doesn’t mean that you have to become a coffee snob or coffee geek. We’re just here to share our passion, make great mobile coffee gear, and learn with the community.

Let us know if we can ever help you out on your journey!


The KOHI+ team