Brewing Coffee at Work: 4 Ways to Make the Office Your Personal Café


Brewing Coffee at Work: 4 Ways to Make the Office Your Personal Café-1

There’s an office coffee conundrumand it’s growing. It’s plaguing workplaces everywhere - and there seems to be no end in sight. Every year, it just gets worse and worse.

Here are the symptoms:

- Your workplace coffee machine is older than you are.

- Every cup of coffee in the office comes from an overworked Keurig.

- Half a cup of cream is barely enough to purge the bitter taste from your brew.

If you’re not familiar with the quality of coffee in the modern workplace, take a seat. This may change the way you go about your workday.

However, if you are aware of the gruesome lack of good “office coffee”, we have a solution. This article will walk through some of the best ways to bring specialty brewed coffee to the workplace.

These Days, the Office Can Be Anywhere

According to recent studies, more than 4 million American classify themselves as digital nomads. And the number is set to skyrocket as time goes on.

This means that over time, the “office coffee maker” will become more and more of a foreign concept. Things like water cooler talks and the infamous communal office fridge will fade into the background as digital nomadism becomes more popular.

That being said, know that when we use the term “office coffee maker”, we mean whatever you use to brew coffee at work. If you’re a digital nomad reading this - everything in this guide applies to you. When you’re on the go, these tips will help you keep your coffee game on point.

KOHI+ is all about mobile coffee strategy, so this applies to everyone.

But as we continue, the blog will focus a bit more on the majority of folks who spend 40 hours a week in an office.

Good coffee will add some magic to the workday. You ready to dive in?


Brewing Coffee at Work TIP 1: Acquire the Necessary Gear

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Just like a tennis player needs the proper racket, shoes, and clothing - a barista needs certain accoutrements to brew up liquid coffee gold.

Most professions and crafts require a minimum stock of equipment, and coffee is no different. And the good news here is that you don’t need to dish out hundreds of dollars to find the equipment you need.

Here’s a quick rundown of necessary brewing gear:

- Coffee brewer. In this case, the KOHIPRESS.

- Measuring scale.

- Coffee grinder. You can take a look at our PRESSOGRIND here.

- Water heating mechanism.

- Timer

- Maybe something to stir with.

- And of course, the main ingredient: coffee.

We provide a list of where you can find these items on our KOHIPRESS Brewing Mastersheet. Feel free to download that here!

Now, if you play your cards right, all of this equipment should fit in a small bag. You don’t have to worry about hauling a massive backpack into work every day. Walking into work with a coffee apocalypse survival kit isn’t exactly our goal here.

Your coffee gear should be accessible, discrete, and mobile.

Once you’ve obtained the necessary gear, half the battle is already won. Now it’s time to use it.


Brewing Coffee at Work TIP 2: Setting Up Shop

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As you know, many of us have vastly different working situations. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to mobile coffee.

Some of us work in an open office environment. Some people work from a cubicle. There are even those that work in the field or abroad. And as mentioned earlier, a huge portion of the population is switching over to the digital nomad lifestyle.

The time and effort required to drink and prepare coffee in these work conditions vary on a wide scale.

So the first thing you need to do is scout out your opportunities. When can you take time to brew up a cup? Where’s the best place in your workplace to set up shop?

Below are three common options found in the modern workplace.

Option 1: Brewing in Your Office

Brewing Coffee at Work: 4 Ways to Make the Office Your Personal Café-4

If you work out of your own office or cubicle, brewing coffee in this space is usually the easiest option. You won’t be forced to acquire counter space in the busy break room.

You also won’t have to answer questions about why you’re “making coffee by hand instead of using the office Keurig”…

Nobody wants to explain themselves every time they make a cup of delicious coffee. The answer is simple. Craft brewed coffee tastes good - office coffee maker tastes like dirt stew.

So if you decide to brew coffee in your designated workspace, we suggest bringing your own water. This way, you can simply set up, heat water, and brew coffee.

Depending on the type of workspace you have, you could even leave your brewing equipment at work. Since your coffee gear should fit into a small bag, it’s easy to pack it up and take it home for weekends.

It’s also important to remember that you need electricity to heat up your water. If your designated workplace is lacking this, you need to move on to a different brewing option.


Option 2: Brewing in the Break Room

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If you have all your ducks in a row (have proper gear, a little time, and a good recipe), brewing coffee in the break room can be a great option.

The KOHIPRESS makes this easy, as it’s both a brewing receptacle AND portable coffee mug. Just pull your coffee gear out, heat up some water, and do the brew.

Plunge the KOHIPRESS, screw on the lid, and take it to your desk. Simple.

As stated earlier, dealing with coffee questions from your co-workers could be a bit annoying, but it could also be a wonderful topic of discussion!

Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up converting the entire office to good coffee.

Option 3: Brewing in the Field Office or in Your Car

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Many folks work in the field, outdoors, or in other places that prove inconvenient for coffee brewing.

Since your KOHIPRESS kit is entirely mobile, this isn’t a problem.

The only issue might be that hot water isn’t always accessible. If this is the case, and an electrical outlet is nowhere to be found, you’re left with three options:

1) Bring your own hot water in a thermos.

2) Utilize a power adaptor in order to use a hot water kettle in your vehicle.

3) Have something like a Jet Boil on hand.

Only you know your situation, so you can determine if this is right for you!


Brewing Coffee at Work TIP 3: Allocate Resources

Brewing Coffee at Work: 4 Ways to Make the Office Your Personal Café-7

The tips above should be enough to point you in the right direction.

But if you want to optimize even further, you could consider using your office resources rather than bringing all of your coffee gear to work each day.

For instance, if your workplace has a hot water dispenser/kettle on hand, you can use that instead of bringing your own water kettle.

You could even pre-weigh your coffee beans at home so that you don’t have to bring your scale to work.

Allocating resources in this way isn’t necessary, but it can come in handy - especially for the lifehackers out there! The PRESSOGRIND and KOHIPRESS do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to easy mobility. This option is just a way to go even further.


Brewing Coffee at Work TIP 4: Know your Brew

Here are two things to remember when brewing coffee:

1) Always use good, fresh coffee.

If you’re using whole bean coffee, your brew will yield vibrant flavor notes. Pre-ground coffee is muddled, flat, and boring.

Feel free to check out our Blog on Immersion Brewing for some info on how good coffee reacts to specialty brewing techniques.

2) Have some good recipes on hand.

We’ve already mentioned it earlier, but our KOHIPRESS Brewing Mastersheet has a wealth of information on techniques and recipes. You definitely need to download it if you haven’t yet.

Work + Brew

Hopefully, you have some good ideas about how you can bring coffee to the workplace.

Every member of the KOHI+ team has been in and around the corporate world. We know what it’s like to be without a rejuvenating cup of coffee on a long day.

This is one of the reasons behind our product designs. Mobility, quality, and accessibility are KEY to brewing coffee in the modern world. We’re excited for you to become a coffee brewing nomad!